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Lucky Me!

Lucky Me! is the true life story of Ray Edwards, a retired aero engineer who was born and spent his teenage years in Caerphilly. This is a tale of humble upbringing, hard work and ambition, all garnished with a side salad of humour.

From working on a farm in Caerphilly, Ray joined the RAF, and later trained as an aero engineer, before joining British Airways maintenance complex at Nantgarw. This lively biography spills out from Wales to the snowbound spaces of Canada to the equatorial heat of the Indian ocean and the fiesta atmosphere of Spain.

There is family heart ache and country bliss, adventure on safari, rugby tales of the unexpected, and warm hearted yarns of Magor. And at his side has been his wife Rosemary, who on his retirement encouraged him to train as a counsellor.

“Publication of this book is yet another milestone in my life, and is a tribute to my family, and specially my father,” said Ray Edwards. “And it is thanks to the support from Caldicot Writers Group that I have completed this story of love, laughter and loss, which is set in the Rhymney Valley, Newport and Monmouthshire.”
Price: £7.95