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Here are a list of websites which provide advice, guidance and inspiration as you seek to improve your craft or expand your range of skills. Some of them offer free on-line courses.
I will start with a Site-of-Sites which devotes itself to bloggers. Primarily U.S.based, it provides a formidable list of ways to learn, to join forums, to become a even bigger speck in the writing stratosphere. But don’t fall into a Black Hole and forget to write.
Thresholds is an international short story forum based at the University of Chichester, West Sussex. The name is taken from a quotation by Katherine Mansfield: Look at the stories that wait and wait, just outside the threshold. The Forum says its aim is “to create a vibrant community where people can come to share their experiences, test their ideas, and help one another develop their work”.
This American site offers a wide range of very basic how-to-write pages, for example, how to write a thriller, a memoir, a short story. It offers a free eBook called 30 Days of Ideas to everyone who subscribes to its newsletter.
Interviews,advice,toolkits,guidelines and other resources to help and support your writing.
The Writers Room is a must bookmark site for those aspiring to write. Full stop. Not just for radio, television, the storyteller, the performance poet. It’s for everyone.
Part of this site includes the Writer’s Survival Kit. This includes a vast range of ebooks, videos, audio interviews and downloadable pages.
A brilliant site for the best short stories in every genre. As a consequence, it is also the place to submit your work, but be warned – standards are high. There are also word games, and inter-active publications.
Strong on the short story genre, with lost of links and lists to competitions in the UK
This focuses exclusively on new and older short story collections. These include single author collections and anthologies, some with an international flavour.
Based at the South Bank in London, this organisation supports poetry in all its forms. It also publishes a regularly updated list of competitions.