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Cardiff Boy

The acclaimed first collection of poems by Bernard John was published on May 31st . This highly accessible collections will find wide appeal with all for whom family and nature matter greatly.

Michael Arnold Williams writes: “ The poems in Bernard John’s collection are a portrait in writing of the author himself. This is so even when he seems to be writing about others or of quite other things, especially the land of South Wales, its stones and waters and all that lives in or at them. The pieces at all times deliver gentleness and are thus really love poems, this even when their subject seems to have terror in it. They are thus poems to comfort.

Ivy Alvarez, a creative writing lecturer and author of The Everyday English Dictionary, comments that “Bernard John’s debut collection, Cardiff Boy, peels back decades of calendar pages to a time when coal was a lifeline, carefully etched in the palm of a young boy’s hand. Though often perplexed by the world, this stalwart Cardiff lad remains full of wonder and awe, even in his later years. In poems scented with smoke and woodbine, tempered by snow and steel, his eyes remain open, unswerving in their regard, senses always attuned to what is vanishing right before him.”

“I am a fractal of brittle ice, crushed in your closed fist.” (From Section IV of Cardiff Boy)

Price: £8.95