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Peacock Goddess: A collection of 17 short stories by Sam Knight

Peacock Goddess is a collection of 17 short stories. These are tales of mystery, romance, revenge and hope, all enhanced by a vibrant mix of familiar and foreign places. There’s humour too, as the whole of life is explored – from early days of childhood to plans for a 100th birthday.

“Throughout the collection the author demonstrates dexterity in telling stories about many different types of relationship.”

“There are some lovely touches… good economy of language, humour and pathos…”

(Quotes from an independent critical review, part of a service to writers provided by Literature Wales).

The Author Writes:
The title of this collection is from a story about a visit I made with my wife and friends to Glastonbury town a few years ago. One of the most interesting places to visit in Britain, there is much to amuse, surprise and perhaps even inspire.

On the day we went there a Goddess Convention was taking place in the Town Hall. Never one to miss a new experience, I persuaded my companions to climb the stone steps and enter the main hall where stalls were selling motherhood clay sculptures, exotic screen prints and crystals with healing powers.

It was there I met the woman of the title, a charismatic, well-endowed, fresh-faced blonde wearing a turquoise dress. Her blue eyes flashed at me with energy and appeal. The story told itself: I needed to add little embellishment, just a light dusting of literary licence.

Elsewhere in the collection I have sought to trace the paths of young love and older lust, of domestic mystery and determined revenge. There is plenty of humour too…

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