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Our aim is to help you complete your new writing adventure and share with you the delight of seeing your book in print, as an eBook on Kindle, or both.

We will give honest advice, right from the very first meeting. We are very informal in our approach, we work face to face where possible, and treat every project as a partnership. Because that is what successful publishing is all about.

As soon has we have a clear view of what you want to achieve, we will set out your options. Sometimes a travelogue will work better as a collection of short stories, maybe the humor in your work is stronger than the narrative and you should be looking to radio.

Finally, we will create a personal publication plan which will help you maintain enthusiasm during those times when your project appears to be losing impetus.

We know how much effort goes into completing a novel, a family history, a collection of poetry. Our promise is that, while you may not end up rich and famous, you will hold in your hand a book of which you can be proud.