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Initial Review

Send your first three chapters of a novel or family history, three short stories or six poems.
This will give us a first impression of whether your writing has the potential for publication.
We will try to respond within four weeks. If for any reason we cannot meet this deadline, we will let you know, so that you are not waiting for the postman every morning.
Please submit your material by email as an attachment, and include your name, email address and telephone number.


If your work is accepted there may be need for further editing to improve grammar and to enhance your work. Even the best and most successful authors have a publishing editor with whom they work – sometimes reluctantly! Often it is a love-hate relationship…
The corrections and revisions will be made into a final manuscript and sent back to you for you to sign off for publication.


First impressions matter on the bookshelf and on the internet. We draw on a huge resource of design and photography to make sure your book cover stands out from the crowd. The typography will be chosen with care to match the style and strength of the design. We will advise on the layout of the text, the size of the chapter headings and the titles of the poems. In other words, you will take pleasure at the sight of your book.


For small-size publications, those with fewer than 36 pages, we endeavour to use local printers. We will invite medium size local printers to tender for paperbacks. But to achieve the best prices we will often need to use larger print houses whose economy of scale delivers substantial cost benefits which we can share.

Of course, we are always happy to use your local printer if we are confident of their services and you are happy with the extra cost.

Your book is prepared for print with the correct margins and bleed guides, the required file formats and the image resolution as specified by the chosen printer.

Before the book is printed you will have the option of receiving a proof or actual sample of the printed book as it will appear. If you choose the proof only, this will be sent to you as an electronic file (PDF) which you can read with Adobe Reader.
Once you have signed off the proof, printing and delivery normally takes about 10 – 15 working days, though this can be a little longer is very busy periods.


Naturally we take care of all the specific requirements of the book trade. We allocate an ISBN number to your book, which allows anyone in the world to access details of the book. Then we send out advance information to national book databases such as Nielsen and Bowker. We register the title, provide data including genre, author, publisher, format, number of pages and size, and add the important publication date, and of course the price. We also send 6 copies of your book to the UK copyright libraries.


We will prepare a marketing plan which will guide you through the maze of opportunities – and pitfalls.
This plan will help you shape the way your promote your new book, put the building blocks of sales in place, and give you a strong focus for the first six months.

We will sell your book on our website, and upload your eBook to Amazon.

But most of the effort will need to come from yourself, through your network of friends, through your email lists, and using all the social media you have at your disposal.

Later on we plan to launch a brand new programme called CARYSMA to help address the complexities of self-publishing.